Hi there!  Thank you for being here.  It means THE world to me!

I am 29 years young.  I am currently living my best life in Jacksonville, Florida with my fiancé and his son. I grew up in a tiny town in Upstate New York. I have a weird addiction to cherry chapstick. I love everything coconut (except coconut water for some reason), dessert hummus, and iced chai lattes (hellooo Starbucks). I graduated high school with 35 people.  Yes, it was a public school. I graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies and a master’s degree in Sport Venue & Event Management.  My two passions in life are fitness and helping others. After struggling for years with my own weight and body image, I have finally found what works for me to live in true happiness.  Helping others find this freedom ignites a fire in my soul. I believe my purpose in life is to give other women the tools they need to get off the diet roller coaster and finally feel comfortable in their own skin. Let’s live our best lives together!