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  • Ep 83: Learning to Accept Physical Attributes We Can't Change April 22, 2020
    There are things we simply cannot change about our bodies. Some things are genetic. In today's episode, I discuss some of these attributes and how you can learn to accept and appreciate them. www.monicarosebyron.com/shop www.instagram.com/monicarosebyron  
  • Ep 82: Defining and Implementing Self-Care April 15, 2020
    Self-care is not just getting a massage or a pedicure.  Self-care is how we care for ourselves every minute of every day.  In this episode I discuss things I do on a daily basis for my own self-care.  Tune in to find out ways you can care for yourself in different ways.  www.monicarosebyron.com/e-book www.instagram.com/monicarosebyron
  • Ep 81: Tips on Handling Difficult Situations April 8, 2020
    In today's episode I discuss a few tips I personally use when I am going through something difficult.  My hope is that these tips will help you navigate difficult situations without as much stress. www.monicarosebyron.com/e-book www.instagram.com/monicarosebyron  
  • Ep 80: Staying Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic April 1, 2020
    We are all living some version of a nightmare right now as we go through the coronavirus pandemic. In today's episode, I give you my tips and tricks on how to stay positive throughout this uncertain time in our lives.  www.monicarosebyron.com/e-book www.instagram.com/monicarosebyron
  • Ep 79: Finding Positivity in Uncertain Times with Dr. Chuback March 25, 2020
    Dr. Chuback, author of Make Your Own Damn Cheese, and I discussed how the mind works, how the choices we make impact our mindset, and how to stay positive. Book Link Facebook  Twitter
  • Ep 78: REPLAY (A Deep Dive Into the Smashing the Wellness Industry Article) March 18, 2020
    Today's episode is a replay of Episode 47. The "Smashing the Wellness Industry" article by Jessica Knoll discussed in this episode was life changing for me. This article discusses so many things we as women go through. This episode is a must listen if you want to improve your relationship with your body.  E-Book Instagram
  • Ep 77: Different Relationships We Have & Why They Matter March 11, 2020
    Do you know what kind of relationship you have with yourself? Do you know what kind of relationship you have with food? I didn't think about these things until the last year or so and now that I do, I know how important they are to our mental health! Tune in to learn more about […]
  • Ep 76: How to Live With More Intention March 4, 2020
    Are you always trying to lose weight? Are you always trying to be a smaller size? Are you trying to get more followers on social media? Have you asked yourself recently why you're trying to do those things?  Today's episode goes into why we might worry about these things and what we can do to […]
  • Ep 75: How to Get Back on Track with your News Years Resolution February 26, 2020
    Have you given up your New Years resolution?  Are you starting to feel like life is getting the best of you?  In today's episode I discuss possible reasons you may be ready to give up your New Years resolution and give you tips on how to still hit your goals!  Don't give up on yourself! […]
  • Ep 74: The Mamba Mentality (Tribute to Kobe Bryant) February 19, 2020
    “Enjoy life. Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. You have to keep moving. You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other. Smile. Keep on rollin’.” -Kobe Bryant 🙏🏽❤️ Today's episode is about Kobe Bryant's Mamba Mentality and how to ask ourselves how we can be […]
  • Ep 73: Do This if You Have a Weight Loss Goal February 12, 2020
    For years, my only desire was to be skinny. If you have a weight loss goal right now, I highly encourage you to do this one thing! After you do the one thing mentioned in the episode and still want help, get a copy of my Understanding Nutrition: Your Guide to Guilt Free Eating E-Book […]
  • Ep 72: How to Handle Poor Body Image Days February 5, 2020
    We all have days where we don't feel 100% confident in our bodies. No matter where you're at in your journey with your body, this episode will help you. I give you my tips on how to overcome those days where you just don't feel great in your body! E-Book Instagram
  • Ep 71: My Journey with Hypothyroidism January 29, 2020
    My hypothyroidism isn't something I mention often. Listen to today's episode to hear my journey from begging my doctor to take blood tests to where I am today. If you believe something is off with your body, please seek professional help. E-Book Instagram  
  • Ep 70: Living a Holistic and Healthy Lifestyle with Laura Millat January 22, 2020
    Laura Millat is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist. Her health journey has shown her that fitness is not the only thing that makes a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to share that lifestyle with women everywhere and help them gain confidence in the process. Website Instagram
  • Ep 69: How Are You Challenging Yourself? January 15, 2020
    How do you challenge yourself? Do you continually push yourself to be better or do you let life happen to you? Listen to today's episode to find out how my soon to be stepson sparked this thought while he was losing a game of Madden.   www.monicarosebyron.com/e-book www.instagram.com/monicarosebyron
  • Ep 68: Life-Changing Lessons I Learned in 2019 January 8, 2020
    2019 was another year of growth for me!  I thought I would share 10 things I learned over the past year in hopes that some of them may help you live a better 2020.  Happy New Year! www.monicarosebyron.com E-Books: www.monicarosebyron.com/e-books  Instagram: monicarosebyron
  • Ep 67: Discipline v. Deprivation December 18, 2019
    I recently had a podcast listener message and ask me if her skipping the Dunkin Donuts drive thru when she really wanted her drink would be considered deprivation or discipline.  Listen to today's episode to hear my complete answer! Understanding Nutrition: Your Guide to Guilt Free Eating E-Book: www.monicarosebyron.com/e-book  Instagram: @monicarosebyron
  • Ep 66: Living the Life You Didn't Dream of with Dr. Herman Williams December 11, 2019
    I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Herman Williams for today's episode.  From being on track to become an orthopedic surgeon to lying lifeless on a basketball court at the age of 31, Dr. Herman Williams walks us through how this experience changed his life in ways he never could have imagined.  He inspires us […]
  • Ep 65: Staying Healthy Throughout the Holiday Season December 4, 2019
    The holiday season doesn't have to mean weight gain, fear of food, and missed workouts!  We tend to let the holiday season control our habits instead of us controlling the holiday season.  Listen to today's episode to hear how you can control your health throughout the rest of 2019. www.monicarosebyron.com Instagram: @monicarosebyron
  • Ep 64: How to Stress Less and Enjoy Thanksgiving November 27, 2019
    Thanksgiving can be stressful! Between all the food, traveling, and family, Thanksgiving can add more stress than joy.  In today's episode, I share my tips on how you can be intentional with your time during the holiday to stress less and feel exactly how you want at the end of the day! www.monicarosebyron.com Instagram: @monicarosebyron